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Booster jab before starting Ocrevus?

Hi everyone, Looking for some help/advice as I’m feeling pretty confused! I’m newly diagnosed (April this year) and waiting to start treatment on Ocrevus. I’ve had my pneumonia jab in preparation, but now my nurse has advised me to also have my Covid booster jab before starting, to help top up my immunity from the previous two jabs (I had my second one back in June). However: after a brief and fairly useless phone call with my GP surgery, they seem to know nothing about the booster jabs or when they will be available. NHS website says people will be contacted about them *at least six months* after their second jab, and it’s only been 3 months for me (although my nurse thinks this won’t necessarily apply as it’s an exceptional circumstance). So my dilemma is: I’m really keen to start my Ocrevus treatment ASAP because it’s already been six months since diagnosis, I’m told my MS is very active, and I had a horrible relapse in June which I’m not keen to repeat. My nurse said I can choose not to have the Covid booster right now and just go ahead with treatment, but obviously I also want to have as much Covid protection as possible before becoming immunosuppressed. I’m finding this limbo phase between diagnosis and treatment increasingly difficult mentally/emotionally and just want to feel like I’ve got some control over this thing. Does anyone have any experience with this area? Has anyone heard anything about booster jabs? Is there anyone I can contact about getting it sooner? Sorry for long post as I know ultimately this is my decision to make - but any thoughts would be massively appreciated! xxx

Hi, personal decision cycle 3 in on Ocrevus and >6 months + since last CV19 jab (2nd) I chose to go ahead and have my next Ocrevus. Evidence does show once on Ocrevus their is a blunted response to CV19 vaccine. I see why they are giving you that option up front. The bit for me was wanting to ensure I was balancing all risks MS and CV19. Now I had my Ocrevus earliest I can have booster is Dec. I get that they are all hard decisions, there’s no right or wrong decision. Hope that helps a little.