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Waiting on my MRI

Hi all. I'm Emma and new to the site, not sure if I'm doing this right. I saw a neurologist about 4 weeks ago and i have my MRI on the 8th of September. I'm nervous of what the result will be and more so will they be able to tell anything from it. She said due to my symptoms and age it was right to be concerned about MS, however all of the symptoms that were bothering me have now disappeared. I do get pins and needles in my hands and feet regularly but only lasts a min or two and i get a strange sensation in my legs if I walk too fast trying to keep up with hubby. I don't really know what I'm asking just wondered if anyone else is in the same situation with waiting or can offer me any suggestions :)

Hi Emma, it's understandable that you're nervous. I had an MRI in December after waking up blind in one eye at the start of November. There had been lots of seemingly unconnected symptoms before then- numb legs, tingly fingers, crap balance- but the eye was so dramatic that action was needed. Sure enough, an MS diagnosis has followed but the way I look at it is nothing has changed from the way things were before my eye went crazy- I had MS then, I've got it now. Life goes on exactly as it did before, the only difference being that I now take a DMT every day and now the odd symptoms I've had on and off for the past few years have a name. My advice is don't Google- you'll read all sorts of scary stuff which is probably irrelevant to you anyway; just try and be patient. Easier said than done! And good luck.x


Hi @emma19, I'm in limbo land like you. I had my MRI on 10th August and I'm still waiting for a follow up appointment. If we have MS (pretty certain in my case!!) any spots in the brain (known as lesions) will still be there even if the symptoms are gone or reduced, so they should still be able to diagnose. However, sometimes the damage is quite difficult to see the first time around, or they can only see one lesion (need several for a diagnosis of MS) so they are not always able to offer a firm diagnosis until a repeat MRI some months later. Frustrating!! Btw, take a CD to the MRI with you - most centres can play it for you while you have the scan which is a helpful distraction - it's bloody noisy!!!! ;)