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Short presentation🧡

Hi everyone👋🏻 I’m new in this community, but I felt an imminent need to share my ms story with other people. I was diagnosed with a relapsing-remitting ms at the age 19. But I had first symptoms a long time ago. My name is Elisa, I’m Italian and I study primary education sciences at university. My neurologist decided to assign me mavenclad (cladribine) as therapy and I’m grateful it’s working good enough for now. I hope I can find solace here and meet new friends I guess😊

Welcome Elisa, thank you for sharing your story. We're treatment twins 😄, I'm also on mavenclad. What you're studying sounds really interesting and I hope it goes well for you. Lovely to connect with you 😊


I have only just been diagnosed with ms but had symptoms in1992,its a horrible disease 😢