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PIP claim disappointment

This is just a little rant... PIP. What a waste of time! My decision letter arrived and the report wasn't even close to what I wrote and spoke about in the assessment. It doesn't even reflect the letter I sent in supporting evidence from my neurologist. It's left me feeling like I've been completely gaslighted! I have been awarded 0 points for mobility despite having permanent right sided weakness which means I often use a walking stick. I have also developed a new weird autoimmune condition that means every 2 weeks my left knee balloons up (lasts an entire week). So my mobility is really restricted (I can be housebound during the worst of the swelling). This seems to have been left out if the report entirely and it just mentions having MS (also completely ignores the migraines/vertigo). Grrrrr. I hate moaning about my health (to the point I hate seeing drs) - I work, I have (until very recently) been a single parent to 3 kids. I've kept us all going - but it's getting harder and harder. I'm exhausted. I'm tired of struggling (physically and financially). And somehow I need to find it in me to change my job so I can earn more/work more hours - but there just isn't any more of me to give. It's such a worry... What employer wants someone who is only mobile on alternate weeks? And even then - we better hope the MS doesn't play up in between. It feels good to vent. Thanks for reading.

I got four points. Although the woman that took my assessment call also asked if my medication “cured” my symptoms. Explained it all a few times but basically felt like a losing battle. Sorry to hear about your struggles. Make sure you appeal. Make sure you check out the benefits advice service section on MS society.


With MS, you won't get awarded a PIP the first time around. You have to appeal their decision and tell them to review because MS (in most cases) doesn't cause a permanent disability, symptoms come and go. So make sure you appeal and make that very clear too.