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Hi all I’m new to the site but not new to MS I’ve had it for over 25 years Initially relapsing remitting but now chronic progressive, or like my neurologist diagnosed me relapsing progressive because even though chronic progressive was my dx I’ve had a few relapses which were treated with massive short doses of prednisone. I was a family physician for 30 years but had to retire because my neurologist advised it. My memory and understanding has declined, such a drag! Sometimes I feel so stupid! I can watch a tv show twice because I don’t remember it well enough. I feel bad for my wife of 30 years because I’m not the man she married. I’m trying everything I can, exercise, reading books ( that often I don’t really get but I tell myself to do it because it’s good for my brain. One thing I’ve started about 3 weeks ago is Msgym ( I’m not getting paid for saying this!) it just might be helping me…. A bit… who knows. It’s not that expensive, so I’m doing it daily…. Here’s hoping. I’m visiting my sister in Israel right now ( it’s nothing like the news, just a pleasant developed country ( she’s not poor so she lives in a nice area) then I’m back in England to see my daughter and wife, then after 1 week the 2 of us are flying back home to canada . So that’s my story. I didn’t really know how to connect with people on this site, but I figured that if I put this out into the either someone will contact me