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MRI with contrast

Hi all. I've recently been diagnosed with RRMS following an MRI scan of my brain showing multiple lesions and clinical symptoms, including previous which were always thought of as something else, but we now know we're relapses. Anyway, I have an MRI scan with contrast booked in for brain and spine. Is anybody able to tell me what to expect and how long it should take please? Thank you. 🙏🏽

Hi there, I had this done about a year ago. If you've had an MRI already, it's a similar experience but you are in the machine for a longer period. The thought of it is worse than it actually is. How were you with the MRI?


@gingerkid75 I was ok with the brain MRI although I did get a tingly feeling in my face. I tried to fall asleep! 🤣 I think it took about 20 minutes or so. I estimate with the spine, it might take an hour. But it was more the contrast part I'm unsure about. I just wondered