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Brain fog or stress?!!!

Hiya. I was diagnosed with RRMS in October 2016 after being mentally ill 2 years before, I had 2 MRI scans that found 7 lesions and a lumber puncture that confirmed it. I had been going through so much in the last 5 years, i seperated from my ex after 26 years, he has a major drink problem and then he cheated on me, also had major stress with my son now 22 with a drug problem, my son lived with me for a while but I threw him out now live with my daughter who's 14 who's a sweetheart, I also work full time. My head has not felt right for about 5 years now since it all starteď, I constantly feel light headed, don't feel with it and forget things all the time. I'm not on medication for MS as my neurologist said watch and wait see what happens, I've been on setreline for the last 2 years, had another MRI scan couple of months ago which said there was some deterioration but it's not recent so not need medication at present. I'm not sure if me feeling so bad is from the MS or the stress of everything that's been happening. I have applied for counseling to try sort my head out. I'm hoping it's more down to stress and things can get sorted. Just nice to share......🙂