Share some positivity

So I just found due to a intense match of scrolling through my Instagram feed while I should be going to bed. I am so glad this popped up. I can't stop scrolling throw everyone's post and just feel like I finally found a place to talk to people who understand what it's like. NOW I want to ask a question to everyone who wants to chime in. What is something that you believe is a positive outcome from your diagnosis? Before my diagnosis I was working in the restaurant industry as a mixologist and for a while was working on trying to become a sommelier. Then after my diagnosis when I realized I really wasnt happy with my career I decided to drop that and pursue something completely different. I went back to school and became a welder iron worker. This transition has been extremely tough but oh so very rewarding. I am happier now day to day and my mental health is better then ever. A positive outcome from my diagnosis is that it caused me to want better for my self and go and get what I need to be happy. What about you?