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Oh my days, I'm hurt!! My wife that I've now separated couldn't live with/deal with a faulty husband so at the beginning of this year I moved back to my parents to enable me to start again after being awarded own little 1 bed flat from the housing. I unexpectedly started dating someone and now unfortunately has to focus on finding herself. I totally support and understand that but man it hurts 😮‍💨😬😔 Any tips? I'm now trying to focus and worry about myself, up amd coming mri with possible chance of having ocrevus for ppms

Oh my ... this sounds brutal @Dannyboy01 I'm so sorry this is happened to you. I have no tips but I wish you the best with making the most out of your new situation. Hang in there.


Ha - it can be worse - mine did the same and took a car I had just bought with her. but if she wanted to get offside after I was diagnosed with PPMS then great - I support her thinking all the way - its one good thing comes out of all this. I hope your ok - time has passed but yes - but I hope you're feeling good. its a lot get one's head around. Good luck.