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Aubagio washout using Colestyramine

Hello all, I wanted to write this post as I haven’t seen any others about it... so I came to the conclusion with my neuro to stop taking aubagio due to hair loss/thinning. We decided I needed to come off it ASAP so I can start a new treatment (we’re looking at tecfidera) in order to start new treatment I was told I have to get the levels down of aubagio in my body to at least 0.025!! I was given the option of a washout medication to take which will essentially wash out the aubagio. I was told it wasn’t very pleasant so I decided to give my body a couple of months with no treatment to see if the aubagio would go on it’s own. About a month down the line there was no reduction of it (seen through blood tests) so we decided to try the washout process which is taking 3 sachets a day of something called Colestyramine for 11 days. By day 3 I physically and mentally could not carry on with it. My stomach had bloated like I’d never seen before I didn’t eat for 4 days and lost 3lb in that time (only benefit😂) without sounding dramatic I felt like I wasn’t even me I couldn’t concentrate on anything and I felt probably the worst I had ever felt in my life! I couldn’t carry on so we agreed with my neurologist we’d give it more time without the washout to see if the aubagio goes away on its own but here we are now 4 months down the line and it hasn’t.. I have to go back to the Colestyramine as I need to start the tecfidera asap. However this time is different and that’s why I wanted to post this just on the off chance there is anyone else having to go through the same thing I am by taking this horrible substance!! So this time I decided I can do this and just get through it, I already warned work that I might have to work from home and was prepared for the worst... on the first day of it all I decided to make some freshly made smoothies (a mixture of pineapple, kiwi, strawberries, red grapes, orange juice and ice) i mix the sachets with this (make sure you measure the correct amount per serving you have to take) and once the sachet is in I would blend again. I am at the end of day 2 now and not had one single side effect! Work even forgot that I mentioned anything as I am exactly myself. The thought of food the first time round made me want to be sick and now I’m still the same gannet as I was lol! I checked with my neuro that smoothies are ok to mix and he said it’s absolutely fine I am just so shocked at the difference and how good I actually feel. I wanted to share this so I can help anyone else that’s gonna have to do it. Remember there is always a way if you look for it hard enough😊 #aubagio #washout #colestyramine

@danr , thanks for sharing your experience. This protocol has been documented, so it may well have been used with other Aubagio users who needed an immediate washout, although I can see this being very niche. There's details of the protocol here for information :- https://www.aubagiohcp.com/content/pdf/drug_elimination_guide.pdf


Great info to share with the rest of us! Enjoy your day!