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Newly diagnosed

First post here. Around March/April I started experiencing the first symptoms of numb/tingly legs upon waking up, this gradually subsided followed by other random numbness in legs/sides/fingers. Multiple trips to doctors from May onwards. I was dealing fine with the possibility of multiple sclerosis until around August when my left arm started to feel weak and my fingers/hand was very tingly. Gradually it got worse and I haven't been able to drive or do my job (or my life's biggest hobby) since then. Finally had my neuro appointment end of September, and 2 weeks later confirmed diagnosis. I had 3 days of iv methylprednisolone and will be checked up on again in 6 weeks to discuss DMTs then an MRA in a few months. I'm told it can take weeks for the steroids to have an affect and I'm scared to death I'm never going to get any decent use from my left hand again. Anywho that's my story, I haven't included little detail however haha