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Wheelchair users

Hi you lovely folk, this may sound an odd question but I know I’m amongst other pwms & you’ll all say ‘no question is a silly question!!’ (Least I hope you do!) I’m still walking albeit with difficulty, aids & the obvious risk of falls due to a less than effective left leg & of course balance issues. I’m wondering when people chose to enter the world of using a wheelchair and more specifically, to use it permanently, do they use it to get about but then transfer to chairs/ sofas in the home or do you simply stay in the w/chair? My community OT put me forward & I was approved for a motorised w/c on the nhs & a ramp into my property however I don’t feel quite ready for one yet. How/ when do people make that decision? Colette..

I just bought my first wheelchair, and a motorized one at that, although I haven't used it much. I'm still able to get around the house okay, but I've turned down so many outside trips over the last year or two, and I want to be active again! The advice I've been given is to get the chair before you really need it, then start using it when you have to. I would suggest using your legs whenever practical but don't be afraid to be seen in a chair. If you've been approved for a chair and ramp, then get them! Nothing says that you have to use them all the time, but you'll be amazed at how much they improve your quality of life. Once you start using one, you'll be asking yourself what took so long!