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Change in relationships

Ever since diagnosis I have found that my nearest and dearest try to take advantage of my difficulties. My husband tries to take advantage of my poor memory. I had a massive argument with my mother, and I have argued with a friend for my husbands sake. I feel like I don’t want to suffer fools gladly, but this is causing problems with relationships. I am not going to my sister-in-laws because she stood in front of me, put her hands on her hips and said “don’t you remember, I told you”. Funnily enough I didn’t remember. Hence I had felt scared and anxious because I hadn’t remembered. Is it me? I don’t know what I can do. I really can’t change my personality back to the mild mannered person (mug) that I was.

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It can be very difficult, because in some ways we don't want anyone to treat us any differently, but it'd be nice if they were mindful that some of our capabilities are different (not being able to do some of the physical things we used to do; being forgetful, et.c, et.c) Like you though, I've decided I'm definitely not going to suffer fools gladly! There's one individual who I know who's constantly rude, very disrespectful in a 'jokey' way, overly opinionated, and mutual friends say it's just the way she is...I used to leave gatherings, where she'd been present, biting my tongue, irked at myself that I'd not spoken out against her...definitely won't be doing that any more, because life's too short and we don't need the added stress of allowing others to ruin our vibes. Your Sister-in-law sounds like she needs to be ignored (difficult, I can appreciate) or confronted, in a calm way - such as "Don't you realise I get brain fog and forget things? It's part of my condition and it's much more frustrating for me than it is for others, I can assure you" Anyway, best of luck to you 😊🧡