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Twitchy eye

Hi there! 👏🏾 Have been reading a few of your posts and commenting here and there but this is my first post - it is really nice to find this community and see how supportive of one another so many of you are. I was diagnosed last year, after optical neuritis in 2019 and a few MRIs... Have been taking Kesimpta since November and seems to be so far so good. In general I don't have that many symptoms apart from tingling numbness, but in recent weeks my left eye is twitching like crazy! It doesn't matter what time of day or night, how much sleep I have had, whether or not I've drunk coffee - the muscles around my eye just keep on twitching. It's more of an annoyance than painful, but not that helpful for my job and studies, which involve using a computer and lots of reading so I was wondering - is this something that has affected anyone else here? Thanks for reading.

Hi I have been advised previously that a twitchy eye usually is stress related and will pass


Hi, I have experienced similar. I have had a twitchy eye and like you it wasn’t painful, just weird. I have RRMS and for me it resolved on its own.