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Thinking about giving up my business

I have been self employed for 13 years but I am currently down from working with dozens of clients to only two and one of those contracts ends on 1st April. I feel so sad about the thought of giving up, but I work alone and when I am unable to work then there is no one else there to do the work. I am self-employed bookkeeper and virtual assistant. I can't tell someone that there is that return won't get done all the payroll won't get done because I am poorly. Just the pains and numbness in my hands and fingers slow me down so that everything takes longer than it used to, even typing is painful and stressful, despite being on gabapentin to help. I have bills to pay so I need to figure out what I'm doing next and getting a job seems pointless because how can I hold a job down when I can't even work from home in my own time and at my own pace. I applied for PIP and I was turned down. I scored zero on both categories. I have sent back a form saying that I don't agree with the assessment because to be quite honest it was a waste of time. The assessor didn't pay me any attention, and when I walked out, I knew that she hadn't listen to a word I said. I took all of my paperwork including about half a dozen letters and assessments from a neurologists. I asked her if she needed to see them, and she said no, then my letter said that I had said that I had MS and various physical and cognitive struggles, but I had no written evidence to back any of this up! So I'm now in a position when I where I can't get benefits, I can't run my business and I can't get a job. I am so frustrated! I am 41 years old and I desperately want to work :( Just venting :D

Hi, giving up stuff can be challenging. I gave up all my work and now I’m stuck with no help. No PIP. 😢 My fatigue and cognitive problems were overwhelming and I couldn’t keep my job. Can you continue with something, for you? I have found getting out of work was easy, but finding something else to do has been tough. Good luck with everything.


I have sat and worked out my finances this week and I will have to continue to earn money for 2 years (somehow) to pay off my loans. I seriously don't know what to do. I am finding working extremely difficult, but I know that if I give it up I will become extremely depressed because money will be very tight and I'll be sat in the house on my own seven days a week. I am sorry that you are struggling too. It is so tough :(