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Tecfidera Stomach Pain

Hi Guys, I’m 22 and got diagnosed with RRMS in October this year. Can anyone help me? I’m transitioning into week 3 of Tec and on Thursday I started developing the most severe and intense stomach cramps. It wakes me up in the night and I am brought to tears with how much pain I am in. Last night, I almost rang the out of hour hospital because the pain was unbearable and I honestly felt like I was dying. I’ve been taking Anadin Extra as a painkiller (doesn’t seem to be doing anything) and I’m now going to try Rennie tablets (for upset stomach and indigestion) But does anyone have any tips on dealing with the pain. Right now, I just wanna give up and throw the towel in, considering it’s Christmas Eve tomorrow and I haven’t been able to enjoy anytime with my family, as I’ve spent the majority of my time in bed. Please help me! Xx

Hi @charlotte123, I didn't get the pains and cramps after my morning pill. But the evening one was a different story 😔 What worked for me was washing the pill down with a yakult in the evening. It stopped the pain and bloating I was getting. Hope this helps, good luck... Adam 😆


@adamski Thanks so much for getting back to me. I will get some Yakault first thing tomorrow, did you eat as well or just simply have the Yakault on its own with the Tec? My pain seems to be lasting throughout the whole entire day and I’m struggling to eat anything because it hurts SO much! I know I need to eat but I’m struggling.