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Anxiety post diagnosis

Does anyone have any good podcasts or videos to help with anxiety? Diagnosed 2 months ago and waiting to start treatment. Experiencing vertigo and buzzing sensations daily and hyper aware of everything. Worrying about my daughter and if I’ll be okay or have a long life, it’s just horrible. Also worried about being on medications for the rest of my life. Is there anyone in here who has been on DMTs for 30+ years and their body been okay with it and it managed the condition well? Interested to meet people who have gone through it all :)

Hey you, posted this before loads of helpful links attached hope something does soon ( Stopp technique & thought worksheet ) works best in practice but everyone is different and will find different stuff useful. Remember you are stronger, braver & tougher than you know, think or realise- PROMISE!!!!! ✊🤞💪👍🍀🫂 Take care of you & yours ALWAYS