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New pending diagnosis and dealing with steroids

Hi Everyone! I am very new here and living through the whirlwind. 10 days ago I suddenly lost vision in one eye, was diagnosed with optic neuritis, and then landed in the hospital for 6 days where additional testing (MRI and CSF) all points towards MS diagnosis. I did 5 days steroid infusion in the hospital and now doing 60 mg prednisone until I can get into the specialist in a few weeks. I feel so jittery and anxious taking the steroids, I don’t sleep much of the night. I feel kind of electrified throughout the day and only reprieve seems to be napping which is also difficult. What do people do to cope with this amount steroids? What time of day would be best to take them? I know everyone is different, but has anyone a good guess on vision fully returning? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and being part of this community.

Welcome buds. Yes u should feel jittery after having prednisone it workin on your body with this or these first attacks. I took prednisone in tablet form. Was a lot to swallow but it does make your get over the hump faster. Best Jorge


@Cait1007 i also get wired with steroids i do infusions for me i take melatonin to help sleep helps a bit