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Need advice - lemtrada or mavenclad? Family planning.

Hi all. I’m overwhelmed, looking for input. DX in 2019 and started Tysabri. Stayed on Tysabri for 2 years and was stable. Switched to copaxone for family planning, and eventually found out we have male and female factor infertility. We’ve been working with a specialist, trying to get everything sorted out for IVF. This year alone I have relapsed 3 times. Copaxone is clearly not working for me. My neuro wants me off of it immediately, and has essentially told me he is surprised I am still mobile and he feels I need to put my MS/my health first. Husband (37 y/o) and I (32 y/o) are now considering putting off family planning again to try to get my MS under control. Weighing pros and cons of Mavenclad or Lemtrada. Anyone have any advice to offer in terms of family planning with either of these medicines?

My DMT is Mavenclad. My neuro told me that there are times durning treatments they you are not allowed to get pregnant. At the time my wife and I were in the same boat so we had to make the s Decision for the carrier would not be me. (This wasn’t the only reason, but an important part of the reasoning process)


I have been on lemtrada for quite some time now with zero side effects. I did my first 2 rounds of infusions and was symptom free for almost 5 years. I just recently received a 3rd round of lemtrada infusions because my ms finally caught back up with me. Was the best 5 years so far and am hoping I can get that back soon once I recover. Lemtrada is my 5th Multiple Sclerosis medicine and so far has been the best one. Hope this helps and good luck!