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In limbo

After what started off as a routine eye test around 3 years ago, I have been undergoing what seems like an endless amount of neurological and optical tests. I have some people saying, “You almost definitely have MS”, whereas others saying, “There are no signs of it at the moment”. I have various odd symptoms, which didn’t really come together until my GP thought it could be MS. My mum had it, so apparently that increases my chances of having it as well. In terms of regular symptoms, I have… - Optic neuritis (confirmed) - Tremors - Muscle weakness (mostly in my legs) - Regular pins and needles in my hands - Weak bladder / loss of bladder control There have been a few others but now I’m in a position where I don’t know if these are all linked and often questioning, is it even MS. I hear from others that MS diagnosis has been challenging for many. Is this similar to anyone else’s experience?

Just watching some of the videos on the site and it feels very relatable.


I’m in a similar position at the moment …… Keep positive that’s all we can all do pal.