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Newly diagnosed, rebif is hard!

Hi everyone I was diagnosed the week before Christmas. The world's worst neurologist told me to pick my own meds and let him know what I want to take (have scheduled an appointment with a better neuro but he can only see me end of april) Anyway I chose rebif and started 2 weeks ago. Has anyone found that it makes their symptoms feel worse the next day? Apart from nausea and body aches i am finding that my feet and legs feel weird and my balance isn't so good. Almost like my knees don't know what to do when I'm walking. I'm so worried I'm having a mild relapse but I'm a serial over thinker, and I don't want to see the same neurologist because his philosophy is basically "there's the wheelchair, bye" Any other tips for dealing with rebif side effects will be most welcome! Also - anyone know if it's fine to take muscle relaxants on rebif?

It's been many years now since i took Rebif but i remember the first couple of weeks were tough. Felt like i had flu the day after injection. It definitely got better though xx


100% yes it dod enough to make me lose my mrntaligy in some point i was young I even daughted in one point it actually caused my MS my mri was getting worde it doesnt even make sense csuding fever 3 times a day poisining fever like head boiling and fever make MS worse untill i git vertigo and swore these drugs are consparscy font want to be trade in stock market i stopped drigs 10 urs to clear it out and it fid 100% make me lise my weight when i wsd looking st the mirror i was seeing my body vanishing live nit trying to scare u i took it 4 yrs mabe thats why im still fine idk. But its senseless