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Temporary disabled parking permits

My latest relapse has really affected my mobility. I've bought myself a scooter which really helps give me some independence. I've got two young children, so it means I can now do the school run, get out the house to see friends and other parents. When venturing out of the village where I live though I'm dependent on being driven around by my parents, who have been great but it's not always easy to get close enough to shops. Does anyone know if the government have any intention of bringing in a temporary blue badge scheme? It's so frustrating as my current condition isn't permanent, there doesn't seem to be anything available right now. I had the same frustration with PIP. I scored nothing, because my relapses weren't permanent, despite the fact that they have disabled me for 9 months out of the last 12. Rant over! 😄

Hi Ann, I applied for one a couple of months back, just show/tell the assessor the what you're like on your worst days, using a stick and your buggy, if you use a stick make sure it has tread on the rubber end they gave mine an mot! The badge is for you and any car you're in at the time, yours or parents and friends. You'll for a smallish fee have it all the time. Hope this helps. Keep smiling


Thanks Highlander, I might give it a try.