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Hi fellow MSers, I’m Anna, I’m a 28 yo from Italy but have been living in London for the last 6ish years. My story with ms is pretty new. In early June I woke up with all the right side affected by a sensation of numbness and tingling. After a couple of trips to the ER (where they told me I was stressed and anxious), various neurologist appointments and a 6-days stay in hospital, I got diagnosed with remitting relapsing MS. Not the easiest news to take to be honest, but I’m working on shifting my emotions and taking one day at a time. I’m currently followed by the UCLH center of Queen Square in London and I should soon start the KESIMPTA modifying therapy. Just waiting to get some extra shots through my GP before starting the therapy. Everything is very new for me and I am moving my first baby steps in this new chapter of life. As of now, numbness and tingling are gone but I am struggling a lot with fatigue. To cope with this I have decided to try removing completely diary and gluten in the hope this dietary change will help. I would love to hear back from you and get any suggestion or recommendations you may have! ✨

Hey Anna, welcome to the party! The first year will be scary and confusing. That’s ok, just go with it and it will get better. Promise! Best advice I can give is to educate yourself on what you have, what to expect and the best way that works *for you* to handle it as you will see a LOT of people trying to foist their quick fixes or what worked for them on you. And frankly… it may not be worth it depending on how you choose to live your life. Most important thing for now though is: it’ll be ok and you’re not alone.


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