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Friends with commonalities

Hi :) I just signed up and would love to meet some friends who have similar experiences with MS. Here is a list of some things I would love to find in common with you: - Positive attitude (no doom and gloom talk, no constant complaining and no general misery)(I am grateful for my life and the experiences that make me who I am, and I find reasons to smile everyday!) - Healthy lifestyle (I exercise regularly, do yoga and follow a plant based diet) - Has children, or would like to have children. (I have 2 and plan on having another in the next year or so) - Has hope for the future of MS research and cures. - Lives life to the fullest!! (I don't let the the fact that I have MS stop me from doing all the things I want to do now, before I get sick. I travel, I am pursuing a university degree, getting married, planing on having another child, spend time doing fun things with friends and family and I volunteer) Overall, I am feeling like the only people who I meet with MS are generally unhappy and they just make me worry about my future! I want to meet like-minded friends who also have MS, so they understand the internal day to day struggles that come along with the diagnosis and disease, But who still live their lives to the best of their ability and have a great outlook on life and a positive attitude. If this sounds like you and you think that we'd be a good friend match, please reply here, or add me as a friend. Thanks for taking the time to read my request :)