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I'm in limboland

Help. I've been I'll for over 4 years now and told more than once it's all in my head. Last 5 months things have got worse and worse with dizziness, sickness, loss of hearing, loss of vision, upset innards, insomhia etc etc. Its totally taken over my life. To have a young Dr say its stress was beyond me. Then a couple of manic trips to A and E resulted in diagnosis of first labyrinthitis, and then BPPV or Menieres disease. 4months to see a neurologist who now dats its neither of those and I need an MRI scan. Xmas Eve found me having that. To say it's been a crappy xmas is not in it I've even struggled to work feeling horrendous. Firtunatelybi only work part time as I'm 66 just its horrid. I'm usually very active and busy and it's all come crash ing down. I need a walking stick now. I've been told its 2 months before I now see ths neurologist again. For Gods sake how long does this go on for folks? I'm so sick of not knowing what I've got, you cant move forward or anything. I've had to cancel a cruise i was due to pay a shed load of balance on as I wont be insured as no diagnosis. I'm fed up! Someone please tell me it gets better. They wouldn't keep animals waiting like this would they?

@ally_rodgers , your story will resonate with a fair few of us, I can assure you. We expect a lot from our GPs and they are only able to make their best diagnosis from a limited amount of time and tests. Regrettably they're not magicians. Neurologists are much in demand, hence the waiting lists. You may be able to move this forward if you can offer to fill a cancelled appointment at short notice. Alternatively, if finances permit, you could go private and then switch back to the NHS lists. In the meantime, live healthily, eat healthily and ensure you manage your stress levels.


Hi again Mel . I fully understand r e consultants. However I'm still miffed at being told it was all by in my head by GP. I tried to go private been told Sheff Hallamshire don't do private so cant even go there. Yeh, just waiting now. It's hard but helps to know im one of many waiting to hear. Loss of cruise holiday April hurts but I think it wise to stay in this country until I know what is happening. Keeping diary as clear as possible awaiting diagnosis. Presume you are same? Ally