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Hi everyone Im finding it really hard at work. Ive spoken about it multiple times and i feel im not getting anywhere. I think its gonna come to a point i start looking for another job. Reason why im finding it hard is that i work from home a few days a week and in office. When im at home i have a work phone where people ring me. Alot of staff have complained to say they cannot get thru to me and its a on going thing but im honestly answering so many calls a day its so hard to keep up. Ive said this to my manager but im not gettting a positive outcome. Im just not sure what to do anymore on the days i am in work i just put on a smile and try to get thru the day. Its just so exhausting physically and emotionally. And im just sick of having to fight for the same thing again and again. Any advice woupd be much appreciated😊

You could put in a request for reasonable adjustments. Your employer has a responsibility to consider these (they should be actively making them, not waiting for you to ask) and have a good reason for refusing. Have a look on ACAS website for more info, how to ask and what your employer must do etc. X


@AleReh speak to a disability employment advisor at your local job centre for reason adjustments