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Catching up! Ocrevus. Warts.

Hi I have not been active recently here! Had my first dose of Ocrevus at the Royal London Hospital in July and that went well. Had MRI scan on BH Monday. Got neuro appt 1st Nov (will that be post-Brexit I wonder!!). I seem to have more warts on my hands and shoulders than normal, I know it's nothing but I am very self-conscious, can Ocrevus cause these? I know a different virus causes cold sores and other warts but I don't have these! I find I seem also to sort of deny my RRMS, prior to final DX in Feb this year I was reading lots of stuff on sites like Shift.ms but now I have not bothered. I am starting the Understanding MS online course that was recommended by Bart's and hopefully that will work, I need to grab it! Thanks for listening, I have a cold I think so time to get a drink!

@thequietlady Hi from the US. I have not heard anyone mention BREXIT here - just want to say it’s very interesting and I’m hoping for a smooth ride for you UK MS patients in that context. Regarding denial...being diagnosed with MS doesn’t mean you have to get a PhD in it. It is good to connect to a community and be aware of the latest discoveries and to understand what you’re putting in your body, but the most important thing IMO is to understand how to best maintain our general health, which gives us a leg up on MS symptoms (no I did not say cures it...). cheers


Cheers @sfrox!