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Spirulina - good or bad?

Hi guys! Dr. Terry Wahls recoomends, amongst all her diet tips, spirulina as being a powerful detoxyfier, that can help clean the body and alleviate MS. I did some research on it, and this tiny algae seems to do its job well. But here goes my question: being such a powerful immune booster, doesn't it do more harm than good? Especially if you are taking a DMD that is meant to dampen your immune system? I really dunno what to think. People that are on the Wahls protocol consume it in smoothies, as much as a teaspoon a day. Do any of you have info on this? Nutrition and suplements seem to be a big deal / topic with MS.

As is normal, @Denisa , there are tales of good and bad. I recognised the supplement name, so I'm sure I tried it for a while. I can't say I noticed any change, neither positive or negative! There's some details of the supplement here :- http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-spirulina.html The article does suggest that it's best avoided if you have an auto-immune condition! :eek: However, you may want to try it and judge for yourself. :wink:


I personally think Wahls is best avoided...