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Good diet for Tecfidera?

When I was first diagnosed it was information overload with everybody offering advice and the most common theme was diet so I pretty much follwed the paleo diet, cut out gluten, dairy etc. I lost a lot of weight and felt pretty good but did miss the old junk food at times. Then I started Tecfidera and was getting really bad stomach pains, my MS nurse suggested eating more fat & protein with the tablets and I should try bacon sandwiches for breakfast instead of juices etc. This has really helped with digesting the Tecfidera but I've piled the weight back on, has anyone got any tips on a good diet to eat on Tecfidera? I don't have the most active lifestyle for obvious reasons so I put on weight very easily, finding it hard to get the balance right at the moment

Hello @arbee, you are singling my song! I put on weight during the run up to diagnosis then yet more on Tecfidera. However, I have lost 2 stone since Sep and maintained that through the Keto diet. I have written about it a few times if you type Keto into the search box. I don’t know what effect it has on MS but it improved my skin and energy no end. I’m veggie too which is trickier, but bacon for breakfast would be Keto friendly! I always take Tec with a combo of protein and fat as a rule. Good luck, I’m here if you have any questions x


Hi I wonder if I could ask as I will be taking tecfidera soon how are you getting on with this generally Thanks Laura