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Hi everyone, Just looking for some advise. I’m on tysabri and it’s been working wonders for nearly two years however the past few days my old symptoms have flared up (no new) I mean they are always there in the background but it’s been more noticeable since Christmas Eve. Would this be regarded as a relapse or just an exacerbation? I should add I’ve had major stressors the past few weeks- our landlady decided to sell up despite telling us another 2 years (so we could save and buy it ourselves) so we’ve had the drama of finding a new place asap as we have a toddler and my dad barely survived in hospital and is still there for a month and it’s going to be longer. Like I said it’s not stopping me doing anything and it is old symptoms. Is this just the damage already done that flares up? I’m relatively new to this (diagnosed march 2021) but I have had symptoms since I was 17 (so for 10 years before diagnosis) and annoyingly I knew about it as my degree was neuroscience I was just so scared to acknowledge it ☹️ Thank you!

Hiya. I had a little look at the definitions of flare ups/exacerbations/replapses last night as it happens in response to another post, and it seems that these terms are used almost interchangeably. I'm so sorry to hear about everything that's going on for you recently. It certainly sounds as though stress is a factor in this re-emergence of old symptoms and it's your body's way of saying hey, can we slow things down a bit, I need a rest! So you do need to rest and/or try to find some stress relievers... I speak from experience when I say that ignoring the signs will only make things worse in the long term. I've been doing it all year and it finally caught up with me in October... Hoping to go back to work next week, but I'm still struggling with this huge flare/relapse, so it's going to be done slowly. I wish I'd taken some time earlier in the year as a damage control exercise! I do recognise that it's very easy to say this and not so easy to implement, especially when the stressors are impacting your life and causing upset... You can't help how you feel and some things are just plain stressful, but please be mindful of what your body is telling you as much as you can. I'm always up for a chat if you'd like... I'm a good listener and I'll be happy to give advice too when asked. Look after yourself lovely ❤️