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What to choose!

I am in a state of confusion right now over dmt’s. I have quit Copaxone, it didn’t seem to be effective anymore and i couldn’t do the shots every day and had a couple of those scary reactions that make you feel like you are having a heart attack. My neuro has suggested Mavenclad or Aubagio. Having read the side effects and other people’s experiences on facebook groups, I am not sold on either one. The side effects scare me, knowing me i would be over worried and be the one who gets the adverse side effects. I don’t like the idea of having my immunity shut down even if it is to be replenished later on. I can’t afford time off for bad reactions to these drugs either, so there’s that. I feel i need to try something though, it feels like i am currently having a flare up, my legs hurt, go from numb to tingling and buzzing making it difficult to get through my day at work. The stress of work isn;t helping either i imagine! I have just started a very low dose (3x100mg) of gabupentin and it makes my head kinda feel flippy lol, but so far hasn’t helped with my buzzing legs.
I know I am a worry wort and no dmt is perfect they all have their side effects and issues, I am just confused as to what to try. Has anyone out there had any kind of ‘ok to good’ experiences with any other dmt? Thanks for listening.

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2 months ago

@pambh65 , what with the stress of work, combined with the stress of fretting over DMTs, I’m not surprised that your MS is “grumbling”.

You need to try and chill out a bit to avoid these issues causing you further MS problems.

As for the DMT decision, Mavenclad is the more efficacious treatment. It involves an oral dose of up to five days in months 1 and 2, followed by a further dose of up to five days in months 13 and 14. And, that may be all you need, although further annual “top-ups” can be considered.

Aubagio, on the other hand, is less effective and a daily oral medication that is taken continuously.

All DMTs are powerful drugs and come with risks. But, these are known risks, so you will be closely monitored to ensure that these risk factors do not become an issue.

I know which treatment I would have opted for, if they had been available to me back in the day.

I hope this helps.

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