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Waiting… A lot of waiting.

Hi there, very new to this site. I apologize to head this up with a question and I hope my English doesn’t fail me.

A very long story short, I’ve basically been non-functioning since mid-January (rough patch for about a month prior but I kind of managed). I had a similar bout of symptoms of this severity back in 2012, and my GP suspected MS at the time but didn’t get a MRI until this time. My MRI results came in on Feb 2nd, “cerebral white matter signal changes compatible with clinical diagnosis of multiple sclerosis”. I have a referral to neurology (apparently “urgent”?) but my appointment is in June, I have no idea if things are getting better and I’m borderline desperate for anything resembling relief or something, anything, definitive.

I’d call my mobility “exhausted human noodle”, memory tantamount to a goldfish. I feel I’m in diagnostic limbo with my two doctors (integrative inclusive) and the radiologist being about as committal as “yeah err this, MS, thing… yeah, so go talk to the neurologist.” My GP’s office told me to just keep harassing neurology until someone cancels and I can get penciled in, my GP told me if it’s unbearable at any point I can go to the ER and try to go that route, I just don’t know if this actually qualifies as an emergency. Is there anything the ER can actually do for me? Last time I had symptoms this bad they told me it wasn’t a heart attack or a stroke, to go see my GP. Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks for any help.

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2 years ago

Hello there, and welcome to you @eibhilin Yours is an all too familiar story, sadly. Sadly, depending on where you are in the world affects the rapidity of diagnosis and care. In the UK it varies widely. The one advanantage if you go via ER is that it might trigger an internal referral or at least speed things up. Radiologists are reluctant to get involved with diagnosis, as this is the department of the neurologist. One way or another though, pain relief is going to be paramount for you now, as stress and anxiety only adds fuel to the firs of MS. You have lots of support here on Shift, so any questions you have, it will be a sure thing that somebody will be able to help you! Good luck, keep pushing and don’t give up x

2 years ago

I super computer that is your brain is being attacked. It’s an emergency. People go to the ER for the sniffles. Don’t feel bad

2 years ago

Hi @eibhilin and welcome.

I should imagine that this is now a very worrying time for you. And, worrying about it is the worst thing you can do.

Just try and accept that you are sick and treat yourself accordingly. Just try and relax and things as easy as possible. This allows your brain time to set about repairing some of the damage that has been caused.

I’m surprised that your Neurology appointment is taking so long. I always thought that these things moved faster in the US. But, I’m based in the UK, so what would I know!

The only thing you can do is let the Neurologist’s Secretary know that you can accept an earlier appointment, caused by a cancellation, at short notice………

2 years ago

All of my appointments have been a mess, I found out my results in my patient portal five days before seeing my GP. I think the difficulty with time is living in such a populated area with network limitations. Thank you for the feedback and the kindness. ❤️

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