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Symptoms ?


I would like to ask for some advice or clarification related to symptoms. My understanding is that to have a relapse you need new symptoms lasting at least 24 hours and they tend to be quite debilitating is that correct?
My issue is that i am finding new symptoms as well as having old ones still present, but they tend to last only couple of minutes when they appear.
Here is what i am experiencing:
2x -3x in a week in the morning tingling in my hands lasting 1-2 min then disappears (always happens in mornings never during the day)
Numbness in one of the hands when i wake up, disappears in couple of seconds when i try to make an effort to move with my hand.
Bladder issues (urgency) this one is rather constant
I sweat much more easily than normal, which i would relate to a MS symptom.
Very mild muscle spasms (randomly around my body) this comes and goes. Again maybe 2x per week. Does not happen often, and when it happens lasts a few minutes (5-10 min)
Recently noticed very mild tingling on the bottom of my left foot lasted maybe 1 hour , then disappears

I am currently not diagnosed with MS, but have 6non active lessions on my brain, and a follow up MRI of my brain is clean, with nothing new to report according to my neuro. Spine MRI and spinal tap with last checkup also clean.

The above mentioned symptoms are something that is confusing me. If a new symptom comes up that i did not experience before, when would that clasify as a relapse?
Also if they come and go and are very mild but i feel like i am getting different types now, would that be a possible start of PPMS?

My neuro told me right now i dont have MS, but with the above happening its confusing the heck out of me.

Can someone shed a light to what can be happening here?

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2 years ago

@matus82 , the 6 non active lesions are scarring as the result of some earlier damage. This could be responsible for giving you residual symptoms.

The best thing to do is record all these symptoms so that you can summarise them and provide this to your Neurologist. An MRI scan, with a contrast agent, should be able to identify whether there is any change and any activity.

2 years ago

Hi @stumbler,
Thanks for the reply. Well i had MRI with contrast and apparently no new leasions or inflamation seen, that is why this confuses me that i am getting new symptoms but no activity on MRI.
I will speak to my neurologist next week and discuss this with him in detail and see what his feedback will be.

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