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Relapse or not?

Just wondering if a stiff and painful neck and shoulders is likely to be a relapse? I woke up a couple of weeks ago with a really stiff neck and it was really hard to sleep and move it which I put down to camping in the garden. I spoke to my neuro a week or so ago and he thought that my aches and pains weren’t relating to my MS but my doctor did as I’ve had checkups and blood tests which have all come back clear. The pain is in my shoulders and across my chest and down my arms at times, I do go tingly but I do have scars on my spine from my first relapse. I’ve had an awful lot of stress since November so even though I know Cladribine does work which it was doing could old lesions flare when I’m under stress? This is kinda hard for me because I think the last relapse I had was a nearly 3 years ago but part of me wants to carry on and exercise through it hoping that I can loosen it up and then it just heal? Majority of it is my left side but which is the side I have most lesions, it’s not my heart because my heart rate, bp is normal, in fact is low more than anything? Thanks for reading?

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2 weeks ago

@chezy17 , it’s difficult to determine whether your pain is neurological or musculoskeletal. The following may help this determination :-

You’re right to be suspicious of the stress. This can cause flares as a way of your body advising you that all’s not well.

I always relate stress to tension. This tension may be felt across the shoulder blades, from “hunching” the shoulders.

But, there does seem to be something neuropathic going on too.

Does this help at all?

2 weeks ago

My partners shoulders and neck are always stiff and sore pet….sorry to say but he said it’s just part of it. No pain in his arms though.

1 week ago

@stumbler yes it does thank you 😊. I’m back at the docs on Friday so they can check me over and see if it’s MS related or not but I think it is. It is starting to ease alittle, more electric shocks with pain. Tried to exercise and my head found like it was pounding so I think I’ve and one or just aggravated my old lesions with stress.

Thank you 😊.

@nabla_rose_molloy thank you, hopefully it continues to ease off because I like my exercise and things. I’m not giving into it yet 😂😂!

1 week ago

@chezy17 , don’t push it with the exercise. Little and often, and in moderation, are all key. “Listen to your body” and be guided accordingly, as you seem to be doing already. 😉

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