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Relapse? Or coincidence?

So I’ve been on Gilenya since May and all has been well apart from blood work which shows lymphocytes at 0.2 for the past 3 months. I think I’ll probably be told to drop to taking it every other day if it hasn’t improved this month. Today I’ve been feeling really overly emotional. I’ve suffered depression before and I can feel that I’m heading the same way, seemingly from nowhere. Work is stressful and awful at the moment but until today I’ve been ok with it. Today it feels like I can’t cope with anything. I haven’t even managed to cook tea. Also, I fell over earlier. This is the first time this has happened to me- I’m perfectly mobile although my balance is a bit crapper than average. One minute I was standing up. The next, I bent to pick up a bag from the floor and the ground just came towards me. I didn’t even have the instinct to put my hands out to stop my fall. I landed heavily and hit my head- luckily just on grass. Ever since, my right arm has felt heavy and numb, from my shoulder to my hand. I don’t know if its because i landed on it or not. What do you think? Does it sound like relapse symptoms? Or am I just being paranoid?

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9 months ago

@niccis , you have a few things going on in your life that are “ganging up” on you.
You have the low lymphocyte issue, work being awful then your leg giving way. It’s no wonder you’re feeling this way.
Did you know that the Gilenya/low lymphocyte problem was more prevalent in females with a low Body Mass Index (BMI)? I just put this out there in case it has a part to play. But, generally, blood counts can go up and down, and quite frequently do. At least your team are on the case…..
I can’t help much about work although you do need to regain your sense of perspective here. You are just a resource to the business, you are not indispensable so they don’t really worry about you. On that basis, why should you worry/stress about them? Consider what is more important, the health of the business or your personal health?
It’s a case of priorities.
As for the unfortunate fall, anybody’s leg can give way without warning. It’s not just an MS trait. Legs are just like that.
I hope my waffle allows you to see things more clearly. 😉

9 months ago

Thanks @stumbler. I feel better after a good night’s sleep. My arm is still feeling heavy but otherwise everything seems brighter today.

I wish I had a low BMI – the truth is exactly the opposite 😂 Too much good wine and good food to blame!

9 months ago

Hi @niccis I’m only just down the road is Stoke, can jump on trains no prob,let me know if you want a visit, or a good chat. You can always pm me😍

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