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Ramble sesion as usual probably

Hey all. Hope everyone is well. I am doing a bit better finally myself. Don’t feel so down in the dumps. Had a complete meltdown a few days ago. It was not a good sight. I am not one to usually show my feelers (as we call them in this house). I am the one that usually keeps it together and just takes it all and deal with it internally. However that wonderful seal broke and there was no stopping it by then. Thankfully the kids were in bed and sound asleep so they don’t have any clue. However my wife got the brunt of it full force.

Other then that we have got 100% confirmation that our middle one does have Scoliosis. According to the x-ray the Doctor says that it is a 48 too 52 degree curve to his spine. Still waiting for the Specialist to call. So not sure how we are going to go about in treating it as of yet. However we have been doing our research and from the information that we have read it can go one of two ways if we are understanding what we are reading properly anyway. Either going to be a back brace and exercise everyday, or it will be surgery with rods and pins and fusing certain vertebra together. Obviously we prefer the first option of course but have read the most times if the spine has a 50 to 54 degree curve or more it is usually recommended that surgery to be done. So till we know what the Specialist has to say we sit and wait in wonder. Just like everything else right now. Out of our control.

Then there is our oldest. Everything with him has finally started to fall into place. He has finally found a place to live that is close to the school and all the amenities. So that will be good at least. However poor kid is still looking for a part-time job. But beings he is a first year student it a music course he gets some really horrible studio times. But other then that he is doing good. Did really well on all his mid terms and finals so we are very proud of him. He is our easy child. Very much a let me figure it out on my own type. But usually does pretty well at it. He also knows when he is way over his head and isn’t afraid to ask for help. So we got very lucky with him.

Then there is our baby girl. She is well our extremely out spoken one that don’t know when enough is enough. She has her own opinion about everything and she makes it well known all the time. For a 9 year old she defiantly has a voice. She is also very confidant in herself most times especially when it comes to her dance. She has been dancing since she was 2. Every year since has costed more and more for her to dance too. Not looking forward to next years bill after seeing this years. It scares me. I just hate being the one to say no when she is really good at it.

Then last but defiantly not least is my wife. My better half. Believe me she is the better half in this relationship. She is an amazing, strong, loving and so many other things. I could get all heart felt and sappy but really in a nut shell I don’t thinks I could go a day with out her in my life. She is in every sense of the word my other half. She is what makes me feel whole. Despite her many flaws just like myself because come on who is perfect. She is the one that completes me. She knows me better then I know myself sometimes I think. Which at times is very helpful but at times can be very frustrating. But at the end of the day she is mine and I am hers and I thank whatever super natural thing you personally believe in whether it be God, Science, or whatever.

So that is how everything here is going with everyone. Off the rails as always but hey we like to cut our own path. No fun following in someone else’s footprints. Life gets boring when you do that. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows here. We all argue and fight with each other. We all hate one another at one time or another for so many different reasons. But at the end of the day we love each other endlessly and have the others back 100% of the time no matter the need.

Well that is my ramble moment that really has no direction too it just felt like putting some of me on paper so to speak kind of thing. My stuff is usually I had hit a block and needed to vent and be agree or mad or sad about something or other. I am in an ok place today and just wanted to put some of down for a change is all.

However I will quit rambling now. How everyone has an amazing Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night wherever you are on this amazing rock we all call home. And remember:

Even in the darkest of times,
Happiness can be found.
If one only remembers
To turn on the light.

Have a good one all.

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4 months ago

@shannon_devlaminck , a very nice, positive post. Nice one.

4 months ago

Hi @shannon_devlaminck, yes, good to read a positive post about the trials and tribulations of family life! I don’t know how old your son with scoliosis is, but at least it isn’t something that got discovered as an adult when it’s much harder to deal with and treat. Writing can be so therapeutic. Have a good day 🙂

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