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Newly Diagnosed: 6-29-20

Hi Everyone,

Monday, June 29, 2020. 3:00pm. Dr. Mark Skeen, Chief Clinical Neurologist of Duke Health in Durham, NC looks at me and said, “Yes, today’s two MRI’s confirm my suspicions. Now, let’s focus on medicine over the next weeks, so that we can attack this!”

For nearly two years, I have been in and out of 3 different Neurologist offices from Lumberton to Charlotte to Durham. Test after test. Appointment after appointment. Opinion after opinion. Today, I thank God for what I heard, because this test shall be my next testimony. God has ordered my life for Him to get ALL THE GLORY!

I am 47 years old and blessed to have a supportive husband, daughter, parents, and in-laws, primary care physician, MS Neurologist, MS Nurse, family, and friends willing to go through this new journey with me! So, with that being said, I have been officially been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I stand on God’s Word!

After much investigation into the different drug therapies, I have decided to take Tecfidera. I am concerned about how to manage side effects, as well as how to keep a daily routine of good nutrition and health. I look forward to any and all replies. Thank you all in advance!

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1 month ago

Hi Miranda, I started taking tecfidera the day before yesterday. I was warned/advised to take with food – something more than just a snack. After the very first capsule I didn’t expect any side effects but a few hours after I took it my face felt incredibly hot and almost tingly. Not unbearable at all but just bizarre. I dismissed at the time because I was in a very warm room and I have never tolerated heat very well. A few hours after the first dose of yesterday I got the same sensation but slightly worse and my I could feel it in my scalp too. It’s all bearable though. I’ve not had any stomach problems but I’m only three days in and on the starter dose atm. Good luck to you, I’m sure it’ll be fine.

1 month ago

Hi @miranda_mcnair – I was diagnosed last Nov. Aged 52 & started on Tecfidera in Feb. So have almost done 5 months & have been lucky not to have too many side effects. I certainly know if I’ve not eaten enough & did get horrible stomach pains in weeks 2-3 which were relieved by a good antacid which I took each day for a week.
I was never a breakfast person before so had to make some changes but now have a small yogurt and maybe cereal with bran and that works for me, I definitely need the yogurt. I’ve never flushed, but then I have never blushed either, but I do get really hot at times but not sure if that’s my hot flushes as opposed to Tec. I think it’s all about working out what works for you as one thing I’ve found from this great site, is everyone’s different and what works for some may not work for others. I do hope you get on ok with it.

1 month ago

Hi @miranda_mcnair, good positive attitude! Also been on Tec for 3 years with no problems and the occasional flush. You should always take it mid-meal with a mixture of fat and protein. Lots take with peanut butter. As above, I have Yogurt and fruit in the morning with nuts. Never double-dose if you realise you’ve forgotten. It’s probably best to take every 12 hours but I don’t and I’m fine. You should always leave at least 6 hours between each dose. There are lots of tips on here if you use the search box above. Good luck!

1 month ago

Hi- I don’t see much in your profile but from your note you indicate you are newly diagnosed and seem to have good care and a great support system. These things are really important and it appears you have your faith to keep you strong 😉 This group is great for support and information. I also turn to the MS Societies for good guidance and the videos of Dr Boster to learn more. This is his message to the Newly Diagnosed and he has hundreds of videos on topics related to MS-

Good luck! see you on the forum. All the little tags below your message can be clicked on to see similar posts/discussions in the past or you can search more (like any DMT) using the little search glass in the upper left-

1 month ago

Hi @miranda_mcnair.

I’ve added a “Tecfidera” tag to the tags already added to the foot of your original post. Selecting this tag will locate all the previous comments regarding Tecfidera.

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