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How to Tell Family/Friends

Hello Everyone,

I was diagnosed Nov 2018 with RRMS. Since then, I’ve only told my partner and close friends as I’m currently not very close with my family. I’ve had a few flare ups, but managed my symptoms so that there was seemingly no physical difference.

I was wondering if anyone has advice regarding telling others? I seem to have this view that I shouldn’t be telling people (I don’t think it’s wrong to tell people, I was just raised to keep things like this quiet), but I also really want to tell people and bring awareness..

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

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2 months ago

I’d do what’s right for you. You don’t have to fly the flag for MSers. If you feel in a situation that it comes up naturally you might experiment with telling someone and see how you feel. There’s no one way to do MS 😀

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2 months ago

veronika there are many links available and I always give my monthly blog, why, well it is honest and a good read, I write for non sufferers as well as MSers start from first diagnosis and it makes a lot of sense, my contact details are there, good luck

2 months ago

This is a touchy topic that everyone approaches in their own fashion. We know that women and men handle things differently, introverts and extroverts are different, people from different countries act and react differently. So everyone has different “sharing patterns” and your MS diagnosis may follow this pattern.

I think that a health issue like MS has another factor for me and that is employability. I have done some consulting and changing employers frequently and know that I won’t get offers if they feel that I won’t be dependable in a crunch or in a stressful situation. We know that stress and lack of sleep impact MS progression and symptoms.

As for me I, of course, told my husband and daughter (she is now 17, I was Dx when she was 2). When I originally had symptoms and didn’t know what was going on I shared that with a friend who happened to be married to my daughters pediatrician as I thought he should know anyways. I also told HR at work just as I was being forced out although that likely did no good as I didn’t tell my boss earlier enough for me to ask for accommodations and for her to refuse me. Other people are an open book. Once I formally retire and am not actively looking for a job I may be more forthcoming within a narrow circle.

I haven’t checked the magnifying glass for Disclosure in the upper left but I bet it has been discussed quite a bit. It is a touchy one…

2 months ago

Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate it!

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