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Hip/Knee/Ankle Pain On One Side

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the VERY long message..

I’ll start this off by saying I have no idea if this is related to my MS but figured it might be a good idea to see if others have ever dealt with something similar. I’m fairly new to the MS community – diagnosed with RRMS in 2018.

Lately I’ve been having issues with my hip joints, particularly at night when I’m trying to sleep. For reference, I sleep on my side (usually). I’ve tried putting a pillow between my legs, tried sleeping on my back with a pillow under my knees and neither worked. I continually woke up in the middle of the night with severe aches/pains and would take two Aleve’s – which sometimes work and sometimes do nothing.

I’ve thought it was due to too much exercise, so I’ve lowered my exercise regime and took out all high impact work. I’ve also started to incorporate daily hip mobility sequences.

I’ve thought it was my mattress, so I’ve attempted sleeping on the floor with a yoga mat under me — I’ve since purchased a memory foam mattress and am awaiting delivery. Fingers crossed this helps.

But. Recently I’ve been having numbness/tingling/aches/pains down my entire right side. My ankle, knee, hip, wrist, shoulder. So now I’m starting to lean towards it potentially being MS related.

Has anyone dealt with severe joint pain as a symptom? If so, do you have any recommendations on how to manage it – preferably not medication, but I’m also curious what medications might help. I’m desperate and have been sleeping horribly for around a month now.

Any information is greatly appreciated! 🙂

Thank you

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1 month ago

Have you seen a neuro physio they can advise on exercises and meds like baclofen which is a muscle relaxant, which might make life easier.
Your doctor or ms nurse should be able to point you in the right direction.
Hope it helps..

1 month ago

@veronika_keir , I agree with @highlander, a Neuro-physio should be able to help.

We’re quite good at automatically compensating for MS weaknesses, but we can adopt bad practice, which puts un-natural stress on muscles and joints.
A Neuro-physio should be able to identify these problems with your gait and posture and help correct them.

1 month ago

I second the above advice and have weaknesses on my right side. They go way back to before I had MS and I feel that my MS has compounded it. I have “accessorary navicular” bones in my ankles which a small percent of the population still do, just a genetic/evolution thing. When I strained my ankle as a teenager it never really healed back up and my “extra” bone had to be removed and tendons reattached, etc. Seems to have worked fine but I think after that I had a flatter foot on my right and it was never suggested to me to have custom orthodics or make sure I wore shoes with proper arch support, etc and I love cheap shoes and an abundance of them ;-0

Fast forward to a car accident 8 years ago where I stomped on the brakes of my car hard enough to dislocate my right big toe. By now I do have orthodics in my shoe but now avoid striding correctly over my big toe for some time which causes the glutes to not fire and adds to the weakness on the right. I also have spinal lesions in just the right place to contribute to foot drop…of course on the right.

All of these impacts on my gait and weaknesses set me up for a hip surgery in my early 50’s. Apparently there are some studies that those with nerve issues (one of them being MS) will have difficulty recovering from this type of major surgery but when I asked my neuro and orthopedics they knew of no specific reason I shouldn’t go ahead with the arthoscopic surgery to see if they could repair the labrum and when that didn’t take the full hip replacement was done.

So-I walk ok but tire easily and have a cane with me for late in the day and if I tire. I do daily stretching and PT. Thankfully my left side is wonderfully accommodating but I know not to push it too hard as I at least need one good side ;-0

So- my right side is a mess but was before I was even diagnosed with MS. I think the locations of my lesions contribute further to it. I, too, have converted to be a side sleeper (on my good side) and use a pillow between my legs, etc. I have taken the aleve at night or sometimes Tylenol PM. There are many things I should have done, in hindsight, but acknowledging earlier the impact of my right side weakness and good PT would be at the top of the list as well as good shoes and orthodics-

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