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Hi from Canada

Hello, name is Anne, have had MS since xmastime 2013 Merry Xmas to me hey! My profile pic is from NYE this year, it’s the best i have looked all year. I am in the process of stopping Copaxone because it doesn’t seem to be doing anything good for me. I am tired of the painful needles and was only able to do my belly so it is quite lumpy thanks to copax! I have been offered Mavenclad, turned it down cuz of side effects listed. Who wants to chance Shingles and herpes? Nope.
I think i am going to try Aubagio. Not too excited about it but we will see after my next MRI in a few weeks if they will put me on it.
The best I ever felt was 4 years ago when i was on nothing, but things were different, better, back then so not expecting to repeat history.
I also have osteo and depression and generally feel like shit these days.
I live alone, kids are young adults, dont see very often and must admit it does scare me to be alone with this damn disease, but no one wants to date a sick girl and can’t say i blame them. So unless i am lucky to find someone who can look beyond their own selfishness, i guess its just me.
Will update later.
Glad to be here and hope to make some friends.

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2 months ago


Canada is only 9,000 km’s coast to coast. Could you be a wee bit more specific?

Oh, and Hi… πŸ˜‰

2 months ago

The risk for herpes is only if you already have herpes. The medication could then cause a herpes flare up. They do have a shingles non live vaccine now that is supposed to be pretty good. I’m on Ocrevus and it’s an immunosuppressant so a couple months after my infusion I did get shingles which is painful, but I hadn’t had the vaccine.

2 months ago

You say that no- one wants to date a sick girl, not true, if you’re looking, and one assumes by your comments that you are, you will eventually find the ‘right person’ try and not be categorised by your ailment, there are lots of people out there who are looking for companionship/ friendship no matter what comes with itπŸ₯ŠπŸ€žπŸ˜œ

2 months ago

@pambh65 – Burnaby eh? I am ex-St Thomas More Boy’s HS, grew up further up the Valley but live in the UK (3/4 of my life now).

It seems I just can’t escape my roots πŸ˜‰ Great to have you on board.

I’m on Ocrelizumab (Ocrevis) now after 26y and 4 DMT. I stopped Copaxone about 12y ago.



2 months ago

@pambh65 I have started abagio and so far so good. I am also in Canada…Ontario in a small town with tons of potholes called Sudbury. I have been roommates with MS since 2002 and initially started with Rebif. Abagio is nice cause it’s a oral pill instead of injection. I’m not an expert on it since I have only been on it for 7 months but it’s nice to hear someone is on it too. Hope to chat some time and keep us posted 😊

2 months ago

Sorry if I didn’t mention I am in British Columbia, Lower Mainland to be exact.
Moved here some 20 yrs ago from Ontario and haven’t looked back. I was born in Sarnia, lived in Hamilton and Windsor.
I say no one wants to date the sick girl, because it seems that way, or I have just had shit luck.
I have been dumped because ‘he’ didn’t want to risk having to play caretaker some day. Anyone else just doesn’t want anything serious because of the same thing. They just tend to disappear after a while and I know it’s because I am not 100% healthy. What they don’t realize is I will not become a burden to anyone. I just want what I guess we all want.
I never saw it coming last time, and I have never gotten over it either, so I am just not even bothering these days as much as I would like to be in a long term relationship, and I happen to think I make a damn good girl friend.
It’s just not on my radar, this year so far has been about health. My own bad health and trying to get it together.
I hope to make a few friends here who can relate.

2 months ago


Thank you for responding; I appreciate your profile is now much more specific.

I have a bias; people in the larger cities (Vancouver / Toronto / Montreal etc…) never get to know each other since they are too busy stuck in traffic. I grew up in Montreal / drove through Toronto & Vancouver a few times.. πŸ˜‰

Lived in Winnipeg for 7 years, been in Edmonton for the past 40… I like being able to walk down the street, then stop & talk to neighbours. I find the small town atmosphere more enjoyable – although Edmonton is now getting too large.

Regarding the “having to play caretaker some day” concept, one in the relationship probably have to – or you fluke out in a head on collision together. Anyone who does not accept that is not facing reality!

What I do is invest my time in things I enjoy; group things so I am always out meeting people. My personality is blue collar; Slo-Pitch / fishing / playing bridge keep me happy. If someone wanted to introduce me to an artist or someone who went to the opera, I would vanish.

I have been very happily married for the past 20 years to an impressive women. My internet ad was very straightforward; I received one response in 6 months; and I married her. During the six months of “no response” I kept living my life, having fun, etc…

Your life, therefore your decision. But you should know what makes you happy then do that. Don’t wait around for someone to fulfill you.

Just my thoughts…

2 months ago

Pam, life sometimes is a bitch, read my blog I lived in the States for over 7 years and try to get back as often as I can, I try to live life drug free and take CBD oil, when across the pond I get stronger CBD (66%) as when I look at drugs offered the negatives to taking them outways the benefits. There are views from people that believe they know and understand MS, I say we are all different and you will work out something soon, all I say is read before you act and remember, diet plays a huge part. Read the blog, you will laugh and relate to stuff x

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