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Help with Tec

Ok, so I start Tecfidera today.
I’ve had my breakfast and tried multiple times to take the pill but there’s just no way I could do it this morning. I’ve had to leave for uni and will need to try again later. I can’t keep the pill down and I’m so annoyed at my body for (a) getting us into this MeSs somehow in the first place and (b) refusing to keep a pill down! 😡
I’m really trying and I feel like a failure and like I’m being wasteful – here I am, newly diagnosed, being offered a treatment and I’m not blooming taking it! 😭 it sounds so stupid but if I could inject Tec then I absolutely would. And I’ve been recommended DMTs that are around the same efficacy as Tec so I would be hesitant to change to any of the injectables because they are lower efficacy… haven’t spoken to the nurses yet because I need to try taking this pill again later but please, does anybody know if there is an injectable form of Tec?
I sound like such a baby but now that I’m faced with the medication, all of the risks of not taking it seem so real.
Trying my best to stay positive and focus on trying again later but I’m just so disappointed in myself.

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3 weeks ago

Keepsmyelin 99 it is not your fault that your body is rejecting this DMT.I would suggest that you see your neurologist or doctor to see what will work for you .I do hope your luck gets better and be kind to yourself please keep smiling and I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

3 weeks ago

@keepsmyelin99 sorry that you are having problems today!

Is it that your are physically having trouble swallowing the tablet? If so, you could try putting the tablet with a spoonful of yoghurt or ice cream or something else that is easy to swallow that you enjoy – the tablet will slide right down with whatever you take it with! I do this sometimes at work with my patients that have difficulty swallowing.

Or if it’s more of a psychological thing , as in not being able to bring yourself to take it then that’s a little bit more tricky! Try and thing of all the positives taking the medication will bring and try and remind yourself why you made the decision to start a DMT in the first place! Forget about this morning, wipe the slate clean and go in with a positive attitude this evening or even tomorrow morning! Don’t beat yourself up as that will just start a negative cycle. You can do it, you’ve got this!!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Good luck

3 weeks ago

Can you change? I literally just posted a reply to your previous thread about this – I just came off Tec after three years and HATED it. I can understand your frustration.

3 weeks ago

Are you taking it in the middle of your breakfast, food then pill and some more food. I was on it for six years and would get a upset stomach if I didn’t take it this way. I have heard of a few people who could take it without eating. I could manage with a bowl of cereal but a lot of people like toast and something like peanut butter. Maybe you are coming down with a virus or flu. Good luck Potter

3 weeks ago

Thanks for your support and understanding @timothy_little I’ll try again soon and hopefully it’ll work 🤞🏻

Hi @robean – it’s physical trouble with swallowing it unfortunately 😢 I’ve tried everything and managed to get it swallowed a few times only for my body to bring it back out a few minutes later without warning. Because of this, the casing on the capsule is starting to shrink already and it’s making it stick to my tongue when I try to swallow. I’ve never had good luck with tablets or anything like that – my body always just rejects them and spits it back out at me 😔

Hi @systemerror – I’ve just read your reply over in my other post. I chose Tec over Mavenclad because of the side effects – Tec made more sense for me. I will try swallowing the pill again but if I do have to contact my MS nurse about stopping/changing, I’d be looking for either an injectable version of Tec (since it’s the swallowing that’s the problem) or something with similar/less side effects that could be injected or infused.

It’s so hard because I understand the importance of being on a DMT but I also need to take my happiness and comfort into consideration…

3 weeks ago

Hi @potter 👋🏻
I’ve tried taking it every which way I can think of. The problem is it just won’t stay down at all 😔 I’ll keep trying and hopefully get somewhere

3 weeks ago

Keep smyelin99 maybe an infusion DMT might be the answer for you which ever you choose best of luck.I hope you have a better day tomorrow

2 weeks ago

Thanks @timothy_little ☺️ ive left a message for the nurse and she’s going to phone me back for a chat later. I had a bit of a panic with things last night when I started to discuss things with my family so I might choose another DMT or might even choose not to take a DMT for the time being. Will chat it out with the nurse and see.

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