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Extreme Foot pain and spasms

Hello Lovely People….
I have RRMS, late diagnosis at 55, after 20 years of misdiagnosis.
I’m on Tecfidera. I am experiencing more and disabling issues.
I have to use walking sticks and by the end of the day, a mobility scooter.
I have extreme pain in both feet, some evening spasms and string electric shock pain.
Just started Baclofen.
Anyone else suffer from painful feet? They feel like they’ve been hit by a hammer on my soles..
Really hope you guys are all staying safe.
Despite things I am grateful for every day and find ways to feel helpful to others. I am so so grateful for my wonderful partner who has retired early to look after me 🙏💚

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4 months ago


I have the benefit of never feeling pain; just discomfort. A perfect example is when I fell off a swing as a young teenager; my left arm bent backward. I walked home, showed it to my Mother; she took me to the hospital. I only started crying when they told me my baseball season was over… LOL

Having said that, I did buy walking sticks during the winter. Thanks to the warmer weather, I don’t need them now. Yet the muscles in my legs cramp up when I sleep; my wife loves it when I scream in the middle of the night. Getting up in the morning is a lot of fun; bladder challenges mean I need the toilet in 30 seconds or less. Yet when I get out of bed my feet don’t work properly; and my legs cramp up. This MS journey has a lot of unique things…

And yes, having a great partner makes the journey a lot more enjoyable!

4 months ago

Baclofen is a lifesaver for RLS. I actually heard about it from my dad. He had RLS. I’ve been on it for 12 yrs now…. I can tell if I miss a dose, levels aren’t maintained.
Good luck in whatever you try.

3 months ago

Many thanks

2 months ago

Hi @birdi I have had a terrible week with my feet, and particularly my toes feeling extremely sore. I reckon it’s because I’ve been trying to help with decorating at home and, although most of my efforts were made sitting down, my movements were different to normal and I was concentrating so hard on keeping my balance. My mobility has been deteriorating recently, and I think we underestimate how much effort and energy goes into walking and staying upright! I don’t usually have pain, but just know that my muscles have been working differently and my poor feet have taken the brunt of that! Do you have a physio you could talk to?

2 months ago

Hi @birdi I started Baclofen, I had to stop after 2 weeks because it made me feel really weak and extremely fatigued. It work really well for the spasms but the side effects were to much for me.

2 months ago

I have had no luck with baclofen. The 1st time I tried it, I had hallucinations and ended up in the hospital. I have heard the pump is different but I am scared to try it.
@birdi you sound like a lovely person and your attitude is impressive. I wish you the best with this difficult journey! 😘

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