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Daily Briefing Covid-19 [Apr 21st '20]

Kamusta (Hello in Tagalog),

Lockdown. Another 3 weeks. Expect it to be longer and for some, it is likely to go to Sept/Oct. Just saying.

So, what does it really mean to be vulnerable in the context of Covid-19? There seems to be masses of confusion about this. It will (it ought not to) come as no surprise that the government (UK) has made a complete hash of the ‘t Risk/Shielding/Vulnerable letters. Some have received them that shouldn’t, some haven’t that ought to. Overall, the presence of a letter is no guarantee of anything. Trust the government to screw up something this key. The more reliable letters are coming from GP’s as they can more accurately identify the right recipients.

Assuming this is rectified by the GP efforts then you still need to be aware that the advice if of the broad-brush variety. There simply hasn’t been time to get into the finer detail. Understandably so. The MS community has been very proactive in helping to shine some light onto the broad remarks. The Prof G page as part of on the potential risks of different DMTs, and also the many discussions on MS treatment scenarios as time passes are often driven through Twitter. I think it is full of mouth-breathing loonies, whingeing special interest groups and so on but there is no need to follow or engage with them. Discussion between idiots thrives on the oxygen of interjections by reasonable people.

Now that we know that we are not just so much watching something passing by but instead are having to factor the variable nature of Covid-19 into our lives this means that we are going to see treatment regimes normalise. The visits are going to remain largely telemedicine based (who wants to pay to park at a hospital anyway?) with far fewer people having to been seen face to face. Some will. The drugs are not going away, the need for drugs is not going away so expect to see the administration routines of most drugs being normalised.

I, for one, am welcoming the extended dosing of ocrelizumab as that concurs with the scientific opinion. Tough luck, Roche. After three full doses now it seems that my B cells will be in no rush to repopulate anyway. I was pushing for my gammaglobulin (Ig) levels to be taken and the dosage adjusted accordingly. My guess is that is what will happen before any repeat dose. Ig first, an assessment made, dose and time decided next.
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This is a much better way of viewing these endless – we are all screwed – Covid graphs. When you express the data as per million people, curves bunch. Remember that Swedish epidemiologists expect most countries to end up with similar outcomes in the end.

<p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>When you express the data as per million people, curves bunch. Remember that Swedish epidemiologists expect most countries to end up with similar outcomes in the end.</p>— Guido Fawkes (@GuidoFawkes) April 21, 2020

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The webinar recording from a European MS platform

If you prefer your MS news to be a bit science heavy then this is an interesting read

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If you like to hear from world experts and just stretch your brain then these are for you. No cost.

People have been talking about this sort of things for a while. Follow the links below to watch past Oxford Martin School talks from Dr Larry Brilliant, Prof Dame Angela McLean and Prof Adrian Hill:

Pandemics – Can we eliminate major worldwide epidemics?
Speaker: Dr Larry Brilliant (Epidemiologist & Chairman of the Advisory Board for Ending Pandemics)
Filmed October 2012, Sheldonian Theatre

Understanding emerging infections
Speaker: Prof Dame Angela McLean (Chief Scientific Adviser for the Ministry of Defence and Lead Researcher, Oxford Martin Programmes on Pandemic Genomics and Collective Responsibility for Infectious Disease)
Filmed November 2015, Oxford Martin School

Prevent and protect: vaccines and immune responses
Speaker: Prof Adrian Hill (Oxford Martin Senior Alumni Fellow & Director of the Jenner Institute)
Filmed November 2015, Oxford Martin School

A bit of musical improvement for you. Not that I ever smoked weed in my youth in Canada – oh no – but if I did I’d pop this onto the turntable and turn it up to 11.

Stay safe. I went out on a walk today and sprained my ankle so had to swallow my pride and call Mrs S for a lift home after only 10.5 km. Oh, the shame. Plus I got a good wigging for dragging her ‘out’ of the virtual mindfulness class that she teaches for Y2, as well as being a Form Teacher.

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OMG @dominics, Rush was the first gig I ever went to! (1983) This followed the first major fib I had ever told my parents in order to get there! Ah, memories 🙂 Did you ever see the YouTube clip of Foo Fighters covering Tom Sawyer with a random guy from the audience? If not, do watch, it’s priceless!

Thanks for the bumper-sized bulleting. That’s my evening reading sorted out!

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