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95% diagnosed

My neuro is 95% sure I’ve got MS.
She’s gonna run a final blood test to eliminate any mimicking conditions.

I’m 20 years old and have had a rough time of it these past few months. Hopefully I’m gonna go on a 5-day course of steroids to get me walking strongly and confidently again.

I’m glad we have found this before it decided to rear it’s head later in life, right in the middle of important future events and milestones, cause now we can start managing it. But I can’t lie, I’m a little sad. I feel very young (even though I know there are people with MS who are younger than me). And I actually think that, looking back, I could have had MS for about 8 years already (if previous symptoms and falls were because of MS).

I’m generally a positive person so I want to keep going like that, hence; my username! Does anyone else think they’ve had MS for longer and only just realised it now that they’re diagnosed, even if your diagnosis is fairly early in the grand scheme of things?

Anyway, this is me and my introductory post. I’m 20. I’m a Music Student who is going to spread the joys of Music and Life through teaching one day. I have an amazing family who I love so much. My parents are so strong and caring and always want what’s best. I’m so proud of the young man that my little brother is growing into and I’m thankful that I get to share in his life. My dog is such a great wee character who gives me lots of laughs! My friends are so loyal and understanding and funny. I’m going to go on to raise funds and awareness of MS through Music, and maybe public speaking, and make sure that one day, people will be able to say that they were cured of MS (even if I can’t be one of those people). I finally know who I truly am!
I’m here and I’m going to keep smiling <3

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5 months ago

Hi @keepsmyelin99 and welcome.

MS is no longer the condition that it used to be. Hopefully, with the right MS medications, your prognosis will be good.

As for me, diagnosed 1997. First definite symptom (footdrop) 1985. Migraines from early teenager to about 82/83 (connection? Go figure)

So, kick off your shoes, put your feet up and have a look around. 😉

5 months ago

Hi @stumbler 👋🏻
That’s so strange there were symptoms that might be linked! My first migraines appeared in my early teens, around the same time that I established myself as clumsy due to regular embarrassing falls. I’m definitely going to mention this to my neurologist!

Funny that you should suggest kicking my shoes off and putting me feet up – my numbness means I can feel if my feet are on the ground better if I’m barefoot haha 😂

Thanks for your reply and welcome!

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