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Travelling with Kesimpta

I was wondering if anyone on here who is on Kesimpta has had experience going away for more than a few weeks at a time. I live in the UK, and I have started applying for work opportunities that, if I was successful, would take me overseas for a few months at a time. At the moment, I receive one delivery of Kesimpta per month, which I take on a specific date each month. If I was to be abroad for more than a month, I would not be in the country to receive the next delivery, so I think I would need to take multiple doses with me. I understand the stuff about needing to keep it cold with ice packs, asking the airline to refrigerate it on the plane, etc. What I'm struggling to find information about is whether I am likely to be allowed to receive multiple doses in one delivery before a trip abroad? I would love to hear from anyone who has gone abroad for more than a few weeks while taking Kesimpta. What was your experience like?

Your work plans sound really exciting, good luck with them! I get 2 injection pens delivered once every two months but understand from my MS nurse that they write 6 months worth in one prescription and then it’s the delivery people who decide the delivery schedule. I’m in the north west of England and not sure where you are, maybe chat to your nurse and ask them if it’s doable? Haven’t had to take any on a plane yet 😕


@Flennyz This is a really helpful insight, thank you so much! I feel a little more confident now that something could be arranged.