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Newly diagnosed benign ms

hi there this is my first post I have very recently been diagnosed with benign ms it all started back 12-13 years ago when I had optic neuritis and was told it could be a early sign of ms which I didn't give a second thought to being only 19-20 years of age. Then in 2010 I had facial numbness which was put down to a slight b12 deficiency. In April 2017 when I had numbness in my face which progressed to vision problems in my right eye and leg vibrations after walking I had a brain MRI at the beginning of June we're my doctor said ms looked likely. I had my neuro appointment the beginning of August who looked at my scans and found lesions did a examination of me and my eyes and was told I had a clinical diagnosis of ms does this sound like other people's way of getting diagnosed as I thought I would need all sorts of other tests etc? Thank you Amy :)