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how does everyone avoid getting stressed out. I've noticed a cycle for me i get stressed out then i get brain fog and fatigue then someone wants me to do something and i screw up and get yelled at then from the stress i get the brain fog and fatigue. i try to explain ms to people and they just don't understand they think if i relax and take it easy i will be in a wheelchair.

Remembering your last post, it seems to me that you'r e not going to be able to get rid of stress until you have 'talked out' all your MS-related worries, which are very real, urgent and have no easy answers. If you could get yourself to a counsellor (if you'd told me pre-MS that I would need counselling I'd have laughed in your face.... but I did need it) and get the whole scenario properly HEARD and on the table I think it would clear your head. When I went, it really sorted me out and made me see fhe priorities. Pre-counselling I couldn't see the wood for the trees. One of the things I had to do was make a diary 'Sequence of events'. This was then analysed to pick out things which could be worked on or resolved. This then led to a 'to do' list. Each session we worked through what had changed, what I'd been able to do in the intervening week and what remained a problem. It made me realise some interesting things about what was REALLY worrying me, but also how I was already on the way to getting my head round things. In fact it gave me hope and it definitely moved me on. It also removed my anxiety that I was completely helpless, engulfed by the illness. Hope this helps, xx


<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/cameron/' rel='nofollow'>@cameron</a> Solid post, sir. Sage advice.