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full body contractions caused by stress

Last night I had an extreme crying episode that brought on shaking and then my legs and arms were pulled in and every muscle in my body contracted and pulled. I shook so hard and I couldn't move my limbs, as they were contracted so severely. I felt the pull in my face, head, neck, back, intercostal muscles, limbs, fingers, toes, and everything else. I have never done this before. I had my husband get 10 mg of Valium and 20 mg of Baclofen 20 min later. It finally broke and I could straighten my limbs, albeit, very painfully! This morning my whole body hurts from the contractions. What the heck happened? Will this be my future? Are my lesions such that as I progress, this will be my reality? I have never been in so much pain! Anyone done this before or know what happened? Keep in mind, I'm usually fairly normal, walking, talking, thinking...