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Hi, I’ve only recently been diagnosed with RRMS. I’m not doing too bad but fatigue is a major pain. I’ve just started a fatigue management course and my ms nurse says I’m doing the right things but still it’s hard. I’m blessed with a wonderful husband and have 2 adult children, oh and 2 cats, best not forget them lol. I love crafting and cooking although both of these have to be approached with forethought now. It would be nice to chat to others in a similar situation.

I am also 52 with an adult son. I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2006. Worked up until 2020. Yes, fatigue is a crazy thing. I’m not sleepy-tired. I’m just-ran-a-marathon tired! Every day. Often by mid morning I’m craving a nap. When I do nap, I sleep for 2 hours (usually every day from noon to 2pm. ). It really throws a wrench in my day. Very hard to plan activities. I try to plan to do things in the morning hours. And yes, just about every activity takes more effort. I especially find it hard to multi-task. I am easily distracted and loose track of what ingredient comes next when cooking. Everything seems to take a longer time and more mental effort. Has your doctor recommended treatment options for you. You can totally slow down/prevent progression with the right treatment. Glad that you found this cite. I find it totally helpful to connect with people who are living with MS—-we all share a lot of the same common complaints and experiences. Happy to chat any time!


@Criscross21 , I discussed treatment with my consultant and ms nurse, and we all agreed that at this stage I don’t need treatment. Apparently the medication doesn’t help fatigue and that is my main issue. If I relapse then you bet I’ll be seeking treatment, but for now I’m happy to hold fire. I haven’t seen a dr. I initially sought help from the optician as I lost vision in one eye. They got me an appointment with the ophthalmologist and neurologist. I think I was very lucky in a way because it hasn’t taken forever to get a diagnosis. The optic neuritis happened in late spring last year and I got my diagnosis this summer. Originally I just thought I’d been spending too long on my laptop gaming. I had no idea it could be ms right up until March (I think) of this year. My train of thought suffers too, I’m constantly reading back what I’ve written or struggle with remembering how to spell something. I’ve started actually using my diary to make notes of things I need to remember, it’s only taken 52 years lol