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Employer Accommodations?

I was diagnosed about a year ago with RRMS. I'm interested to find out what kind of accommodations your employers have given you to help you continue working with MS. For nearly twenty years, I have worked as a software project manager. This means I am in a leadership position with constantly changing demands, regular context switching during the day, the need to present to clients and executives, and an expectation to be able to schedule and attend regular planning and strategy sessions. I used to be great at this. Now, I have cog fog, fatigue, depression, anxiety, easily agitated, you know the drill. My employer has been very supportive, and they want to know what they can do to get me back to work. Anyone have any experience like this?

The only thing my employer has done for me is to agree working 3 days a week instead of full time. I have a stand up job working in a packhouse. They won't give me a stool to sit on 'in case I fall off it'. I work 7am until 3pm, Mon, Wednesday and Fridays and by 3pm I can't walk. I live on my own, refused PIP and Universal Credit so what can I do. Will plod on as long as I can I guess